Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm young at heart and I love to smile & laugh =) I love anything romantic and a fairly good listener I like the simple things in life like chocolate,teddy bear and an icecream! Ima DAYDREAMER.I'll sing to myself quietly when I cry :) I spend an awful lot of time with my bestie =PI eat when I'm bored.hahaha I'm fat. I want to lose my weight : I really dont understand this one.what is SHISHA good for?yucks I judge people by my first impression,sometimes. I love to tell a joke. I dont wear much make-up. EYE-liner is a must. Ima bit childish [just a bit] I wanna be a famous writer,someday. I'm so curious about everything.I get pissed very easilyy I was born to be stubborn :) I take ALOT of insane pictures. I envy people who can fit in so easily without even trying I hate people who tried to fake others. I'll try to be sympathetic and supportive even if sometimes I FAKE it to make you feel good xD I hate it when people make me feel guilty to get their way I usually have a good time wherever I go whoever i'm with! Girls that talk behind my back are just jealous ,haha so .Just because I'm quiet it doesnt mean I have nothing to say ;).There are so many things I disagree about. .Smoking is one of the major causes of cancer.So why dont you stop smoking silly? .I love myself so I dont give a shit what you think about me buh-bye